Today’s Shoot

Today I had the pleasure of working with the folks at High Strung Violins & Guitars in Durham. I enjoyed working with everyone there, including the shop cat, Tiki. High Strung folks, you all look like models! Wow!!!

Thanks to everyone for being so easy to work with – you all are fabulous!  And thanks to Sebastian of Camera Works! You always save the day! (Sebastian sells, rents, and trades photography equipment. Plus he is ace at camera and lens maintenance and repair work.)

Here are some iPhone snaps of the day’s shoot. Mostly I was shooting with the big cameras, but I wanted to share the cat Tiki’s inspection of everything (which she did at regular intervals throughout the day, including supervising the set up and pack up of the equipment) as well as a couple of “photography meets music” snaps. And there is also an image of our truck with my seamless backdrop in it. (Please note the large, bubba-esque nature of the truck and the fact that even it was too small for the backdrop.) 🙂

I see I have used what might appear to be an excessive number of exclamation marks in this post, but the day really was wonderful.


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