Canvases Coming Soon to Broad St. Hair & Co.!

A while back Adrienne Todd, hair designer owner/operator of Broad St. Hair & Co., ordered a panoramic canvas image of Durham from me for her salon.  (Be sure to check it out.  Anyone who says Durham does not have a skyline is wrong!) 

Now she has ordered some new canvases for 2012.  The next ones to go up will be one I call “Shadow Stockings” and another of a cat.  A bit later, one of my Celloscapes will follow.   As I don’t print on canvas myself, I have my canvases made by Canvas on Demand Pro.  They do terrific work and are right here in North Carolina. 

Normally I don’t mention orders from clients, but as Adrienne is putting these up in her salon where everyone can see them, I thought you might be interested.  Do be sure to check out Adrienne’s hair salon services.  She is extremely artistic.  And do check out Canvas On Demand.  Even if you are not a pro, you can order from their regular site.


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